Australia's microbial natural resources are: -

Geographically distinct
Only superficially explored

Microbial Screening has constructed a culture library of over 400,000 microorganisms isolated from a diverse range of environments (see below). Our resources library of over 20,000 samples is drawn from all over the world, with a special focus on continental Australia and Tasmania. It includes soils, marine samples, plants and insects.

Microbial Screening's culture library provides a balanced range of those genera with a proven history of secondary metabolite production, together with the less abundant, but potentially exciting, "rare" genera. Over 250 distinct isolation strategies, including antibiotic regimens, media selection, incubation conditions and phage selection, have been employed to provide broad taxonomic diversity.

Our proprietary technologies for high throughput culture and extraction allow us to rapidly process large numbers of cultures in a discovery project.

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