Lorneamides A and B:  Two New Aromatic Amides from a Southern Australian Marine Actinomycete

Robert J. Capon, Colin Skene, Ernest Lacey, Jennifer H. Gill, Jonathon Wicker, Kirstin Heiland, and Thomas Friedel

Journal of Natural Products, 2000, 63, 1682-1683.

Publication Date: November 1, 2000



A marine actinomycete (MST-MA190) isolated from a sample of beach sand collected near Lorne on the southwest coast of Victoria, Australia, has yielded two new aromatic amides, lorneamide A (1) and lorneamide B (2). The lorneamides belong to a novel class of tri-alkyl-substituted benzenes, and their structures were determined by spectroscopic methods.

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