Optimizing the application of smoke water to maximize germination of the flannel flower, Actinotus helianthi

Emery, N.J.; Lacey, E.

Seed Science and Technology 2010, 38, 797-801

Publication Date: October, 2010



There is considerable interest in establishing the flannel flower, Actinotus helianthi as a cut flower crop and commercial potted plant. This species is documented to have erratic germination, a feature common in many smoke-responsive plants. The present study proposes a foundation germination assay by optimizing the exposure of the seeds to smoke using an agar medium. Maximum germination was exhibited in two populations of A. helianthi when seeds were sown directly onto a 1% smoke water agar medium. It is recommended that future assays should adopt smoke water as a useful media for the germination of smoke-responsive plants.

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