Phoriospongin A and B:  Two New Nematocidal Depsipeptides from the Australian Marine Sponges Phoriospongia sp. and Callyspongia bilamellata

Robert J. Capon, Joanne Ford, Ernest Lacey, Jennifer H. Gill, Kirstin Heiland, and Thomas Friedel

Journal of Natural Products, 2002, 65, 358-363.

Publication Date: March 1, 2002


Bioassay-directed fractionation of two southern Australian sponges, Phoriospongia sp. and Callyspongia bilamellata, yielded two new nematocidal depsipeptides, identified as phoriospongins A (1) and B (2). The structures of the phoriospongins were determined by detailed spectroscopic analysis and comparison with the previously reported sponge depsipeptide cyclolithistide A (3), as well as ESIMS and HPLC analysis of acid hydrolysates. It is noteworthy that the unique and yet structurally related metabolites 13 are found in sponges spanning three taxonomic orders, Poescilosclerida, Haplosclerida, and Lithistida.

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