Polyenylpyrroles and Polyenylfurans from an Australian Isolate of the Soil Ascomycete Gymnoascus reessii

Benjamin R. Clark, Robert J. Capon, Ernest Lacey, Shaun Tennant, and Jennifer H. Gill

Organic Letters, 2006, 8, 701-704.

Publication Date: January 19, 2006



An Australian isolate of the soil ascomycete Gymnoascus reessii yielded a series of cytotoxic metabolites, including the known polyenylpyrroles rumbrin (1) and auxarconjugatin A (2), and the new rumbrin stereoisomer 12E-isorumbrin (3), as well as an unprecedented class of polyenylfurans exemplified by gymnoconjugatins A (4) and B (5). Structures were assigned with detailed spectroscopic analysis.

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