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Microbial Screening Technologies

As one of the planet’s megadiverse countries, Australia’s microbial biodiversity is vast, unique, and largely unexplored.

Since 1994, MST has dedicated its research to harnessing microorganisms for biodiscovery, building a remarkable library of bioactive strains, extracts and metabolites.

Discover the untapped potential of MST’s unique microbial and natural product resources, where innovation and scientific excellence meet biodiversity.

How we can help you


From targeted biodiscovery projects to providing pure microbial metabolites for integration into your R&D program, MST offers our extensive natural product resources to accelerate your product development.

The Microbial Ark

MST’s culture library of over 500,000 microorganisms is isolated from a diverse range of environments, with a special focus on continental Australia and Tasmania. Our resources library includes soils, marine samples, plants, lichens and insects.

Metabolic & Chemical Diversity

We are the experts in microbial chemistry, strain isolation and cultivation.

Our extensively characterized culture library enables us to create a diverse range of specialized, targeted collections


Combined with MST’s proprietary bioinformatics and chemometrics, our trove of chemical and biological data places us at the leading edge of natural product discovery


MST’s decades of R&D have produced hundreds of research articles, patents, and industry reports. With 10 publications of new species and novel metabolites each year, we are at the forefront of microbial discovery.


Rare metabolites, derived from MST’s internal discovery program, are our specialty. Over 5,000 known metabolites are available for purchase as fine chemicals.

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