MST: Your Partner in Accelerating R&D

MST offers innovative solutions to biodiscovery and novelty with a range of services, including critical support in dereplication and fermentation.

The key to efficiency in biodiscovery is to understand and quickly recognise what is known and focus on what is novel. Our proprietary tools and extensive data sets enable us to rapidly and efficiently explore biodiversity.

MST tailors solutions to fit your discovery program leveraging state-of-the-art microbiology, bioinformatics and chemometrics, commensurate with your needs.



Libraries of curated microbial cultures can cater for a broad or narrow focus:

  • “Raw” cultures produced using selected, innovative isolation strategies
  • Cultures pre-screened for specific biological activity profiles
  • Talented strains chosen for their metabolic dexterity
  • High producing strains for ease of scale-up fermentation.

Collections of extracts are available at various levels of refinement, ready for integration into your screening program:

  • 5,000 crude extracts as bulk samples in vials or microtiter plate format
  • 20,000 solid phase-partitioned, enriched fractionated libraries of secondary metabolite mixtures
  • 50,000 highly refined HPLC fractionated libraries of secondary metabolites
  • 12,500 pure microbial metabolites comprising rare and novel natural products.


Metabolomics and chemotaxonomy

Strain optimisation and improvement

Fermentation scale-up

Chemistry – isolation, purification, structure elucidation, re-supply.

Partnership and service agreements provide your desired level access to our products and services.  Varying degrees of exclusivity can be negotiated.  All research enquiries are treated as commercial-in-confidence.

Plant libraries

Two significant plant libraries are also held by MST:

  • The BioAustralis Plant Library is a collection of 25,000 unique Australian plant samples, dried and milled.
  • The MST Plant Extract Library is a collection of 23,000 extracts collected from around the world.

Both collections have been minimally investigated and are available for investigation or sale. All enquiries are commercial-in-confidence.