Cottoquinazoline A and Cotteslosins A and B, Metabolites from an Australian Marine-Derived Strain of Aspergillus versicolor

Leith J. Fremlin, Andrew M. Piggott, Ernest Lacey, and Robert. J. Capon

Journal of Natural Products, 2009, 72, 666-670.

Publication Date: February 26, 2009


An Australian marine-derived isolate of Aspergillus versicolor (MST-MF495) yielded the known fungal metabolites sterigmatocystin, violaceol I, violaceol II, diorcinol, (−)-cyclopenol, and viridicatol, along with a new alkaloid, cottoquinazoline A (1), and two new cyclopentapeptides, cotteslosins A (2) and B (3). Structures for 13 and the known compounds were determined by spectroscopic analysis. The absolute configurations of 13 were addressed by chemical degradation and application of the C3 Marfey’s method. The use of “cellophane raft” high-nutrient media as a device for up-regulating secondary metabolite diversity in marine-derived fungi is discussed. The antibacterial properties displayed by A. versicolor (MST-MF495) were attributed to the phenols violaceol I, violaceol II, and diorcinol, while cotteslosins 2 and 3 were identified as weak cytotoxic agents.

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