Discovery of brevijanazines from Aspergillus brevijanus reveals the molecular basis for p-nitrobenzoic acid in fungi

Hang Li, Paul M. Mirzayans, Mark S. Butler, Alastair E. Lacey, Daniel Vuong, Rachel Chen, John A. Kalaitzis, Stephen A. Moggach, Ernest Lacey, Andrew M. Piggott and Yit-Heng Chooi

Chemical Communications 2022, 58 (43), 6296-6299

Publication Date: May 4, 2022


The brevijanazines are novel p-nitrobenzoylated piperazines isolated from Aspergillus brevijanus. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic analysis, X-ray crystallography and total synthesis. Heterologous biosynthesis, precursor feeding and in vitro microsomal assays unveiled the biosynthetic pathway to the brevijanazines, featuring a cytochrome P450 oxygenase that converts p-aminobenzoic acid to p-nitrobenzoic acid.

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