Isokibdelones:  Novel Heterocyclic Polyketides from a Kibdelosporangium sp.

Ranjala Ratnayake, Ernest Lacey, Shaun Tennant, Jennifer H. Gill, and Robert J. Capon

Organic Letter, 2006, 8, 5267-5270.

Publication Date: October 20, 2006


The isokibdelones are an unprecedented family of polyketides produced by an Australian isolate of a rare actinomycete, Kibdelosporangium sp. The structures of the isokibdelones were assigned by spectroscopic analysis and chemical interconversion. A proposed biosynthesis requires a novel molecular twist that generates an unprecedented heterocyclic system and differentiates the isokibdelones from their kibdelone co-metabolites. SAR analysis on the isokibdelones further defines the anticancer pharmacophore of these novel polyketides.

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