Type-I Hemins and Free Porphyrins from a Western Australian Sponge Isabela sp.

Samuele Sala, Stephen A. Moggach, Gareth L. Nealon, Jane Fromont, Oliver Gomez, Daniel Vuong, Ernest Lacey and Gavin R. Flematti

Mar. Drugs 21, 41-51.

Publication Date: December 29, 2022



Two novel free porphyrins, isabellins A and B, as well as the known compounds corallistin D and deuteroporphyrin IX were isolated from a marine sponge Isabela sp. LC-MS analysis of the crude extract revealed that the natural products were present both as free porphyrins and iron(III) coordinated hemins, designated isabellihemin A, isabellihemin B, corallistihemin D and deuterohemin IX, respectively. Structures were determined via high-resolution mass spectrometry, UV-Vis spectroscopy and extensive NOESY NMR spectroscopic experiments. The type-I alkyl substitution pattern of isabellin A and isabellihemin A was assigned unambiguously by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Biological evaluation of the metabolites revealed potent cytotoxicity for isabellin A against the NS-1 murine myeloma cell line.

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